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MFW: Adventures(WEEK 6) and Kindergarten(T:TURTLE)

My Father’s World – Adventures in My Father’s World
Week 6
Jesus the Bread of Life

“I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty.” John 6:35

Since Jesus declares He is the bread of life we looked at times in the Bible when bread is mentioned. We learned about how God provided food daily for the Israelites by giving them manna. We discovered the miracle of Jesus feeding the 5,000 people with only five small loaves of bread and two fish. We talked about how our physical bodies need food to survive and how our spirit needs spiritual food to survive. When asked what would be a “spiritual food” for our hearts would be… and I heard “MASHED POTATOES!” “CARROTS!” “VEGETABLES!” Hilarious! We backed up a bit and I tried to rephrase the question to which they then yelled “WE NEED TO EAT THE BIBLE EVERY DAY!” Followed by five minutes of laughter about eating the Bible so our hearts can grow. Kinda sorta right:)

The biggest hit of the week was making our own bread. I am NOT susie homemaker so the kids didn’t know that you can actually make your own bread. They thought it came from the grocery store. Yikes. We bought a gluten-free mix (because I’m fancy like that… bread from a mix) and made our very first loaf of bread. They were soooo proud of their delicious accomplishment.


Next we made butter. We are continuing our study of the Pilgrim and early settlers so we pretended we were settlers and had to make our own butter. I separated the cream from our jar of raw milk and then we shook it in a jar FOREVER. It was quite a workout but a fun workout! SHAKE!!!


We also had fun with a yeast experiment… learning that the yeast uses sugar as food and creates a gas called carbon dioxide. Though we can’t see the carbon dioxide (colorless and odorless) it is what makes bread rise.


We are enjoying our art curriculum this year. My husband is quite talented at drawing faces so he taught this lesson. My 4 year old daughter decided she was going to create her own rendition of faces. So cute.

My Father’s World – Kindergarten

“I don’t quit; I persevere.”



I about died of laughter when I saw what my 5 year old did on his drawing page. This is a worksheet that I have my children do independently. They are supposed to choose four different words that begin with the letter we are studying that week and draw a picture of it, then try to spell the word on their own. For the letter T he drew a TURTLE, TOOT, TREE, and TABLE. Yup, that’s right. TOOT. He even managed to spell it. Impressive.

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DIY cloth diaper wipe spray

I’m a cloth diaper veteran of 5 years but have just now discovered a wipe solution/spray that I LOVE. To be honest, when we made the switch to cloth diapers I continued using disposable wipes because I was intimidated with the whole cloth diapering process. Then I tried to add in the wipes for my toddler and just couldn’t figure out a wipe solution that was strong enough to really clean. So I went back to disposable wipes. A couple years later I decided to try a DIY recipe to make my own wipes from a paper towel. It worked great and I was surprised how easy it was to do. But paper towel wipes are wasteful so I decided to give cloth wipes a try again and figure out a wipe solution that worked.

Ta-da! After trying several recipes online I created my own little one that cleans, soothes, and protects my little ones.
With five little ingredients it is simple and cost-effective.



1 tablespoon Dr. Bronner’s Liquid Castile Soap
(I like the unscented version so I can use essential oils for the scent)

1 tablespoon almond, coconut, jojaba, olive or apricot oil
(most any oil will work just fine)

2 drops of Melaleuca oil 
(tea tree oil)

1 drop of lavender oil

1 cup of water


Mix all the ingredients together. Then decide if you want to use the dry or wet cloth method. For the dry cloth method pour the solution in a spray bottle so that you can keep the wipes dry and simply spray on the baby/cloth wipe as needed. I like this method because you can make a couple spray bottles at one time to store in the car/diaper bag/living room/changing table. Or if you would rather have wet cloth wipes on hand  you can put all the cloth wipes in a container (with a lid) and pour the solution over the wipes so they are moist. You do need to be careful with mold issues with this one. Be sure to change out the solution weekly to prevent the mold.

 Melaleuca Oil (also known as Tea Tree Oil) is known for it’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiseptic properties. It has wonderful healing powers for the skin and will prevent the growth of candida (yeast) on baby bottoms. Just want you want for a wipe!

Lavender Oil is a wonderful oil to have on hand because of it’s antibacterial, antimicrobial, aromatic, and soothing properties. You can rub lavender oil on chaffed/broken skin (like a diaper rash) to soothe, moisturize, and heal the skin (make sure to use a carrier oil to dilute).

If you have any questions about these two essential oils or would like to purchase them at wholesale cost (25% discount off retail) please visit my personal site for doTERRA oils HERE.

Aubree - Do you have to we the lavender oil in this or is that just for scent? share.on.facebook tweet.this 101,109,97,105,108,46,109,101em.liame

MFW: Adventures(week 5) and Kindergarten(N:NEST)

My Father’s World – Adventures in My Father’s World
week 5
Jesus is the LIGHT of the World
Mayflower and Pilgrims; Stars

“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12
Continued our study on the beautiful light of Jesus, looking to how we can spread the light in the dark.

A rich week of studying the journey and life of the Pilgrims. They sailed to America, leaving all that they knew behind, in pursuit of freedom to worship God as they believed was right. The journey was difficult and heartbreaking as half of the Pilgrims died in the journey/early days. An Indian, Squanto (we’ve been reading a book about him for the past three weeks) settled with the Pilgrims and taught them survival skills including fishing and planting corn.


We decided to double on the phonetics this year as my children LOVE the Explode the Code workbooks. It’s a great time they can work independently. This week we added Primary Language Lessons, filled with picture studies, memorizing poems, observations, oral reproduction, and copywork.


My Father’s World – Kindergarten
God takes good care of me.

A sweet unit study of birds and nests, along with learning about animal homes. Our Bible time allowed us to discuss several verses that shares how God takes care of us and provides. A reminder that we are not to worry as God clothes the wildflowers and provides food for the birds of the air… and that we are so much more precious to God than they. A reminder that I need to hear every day. Read the story of George Muller whom over 200 years ago cared for many children in an orphanage. When they didn’t have any food George trusted in God’s provision by praying and asking God for food. Sure enough, there was a knock at the door and breakfast/milk was provided that very moment. God takes good care of His children.



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the great outdoors…

We native southerns are slowly adapting to the great outdoors in Oregon. People live completely different lifestyles here than in the concrete jungle of dallas/fort worth. While we still feel like newbies we are taking every single moment to breathe in the fresh air and take new adventures. With the transition of having a new baby this summer we are just now getting around to our first camping trip. We have been saving for a tent and camping equipment but a friend of ours told us we need to try staying in a YURT. I laughed a bit because it was a funny name but I wasn’t laughing when I saw how awesome it was inside. With five children, ages seven and younger, it was HEAVEN. It had a bunk bed, futon, table, electricity, and a heater. I know I know… we totally cheated on camping as it was more like staying in a hotel room in the woods:)But with five kids it was totally worth it. Confession: we took our electric coffee pot and baby swing. Happy parents. Happy baby.


The campground (beverly beach state park) had an amazing park for the kids. Jude mastered the monkey bars and was on cloud 9 the rest of the trip. He has worked so hard this summer to complete the bars. We also spent hours upon hours riding bikes through the campground. Poor neighbors were woken up by the sound of kids giggling on their bikes at 6am every morning. The rest of our time was spent at the beach – which was a simple five minute walk from our campsite. Kites, frisbee, sand castles… endless fun.

After running the sand dunes he needed a little ninja yoga on the beach.


Best family vacation we’ve ever had. Definitely a new annual tradition! share.on.facebook tweet.this 101,109,97,105,108,46,109,101em.liame


My Father’s World – Adventures In My Father’s World – Week 4

Jesus is the Light of the World
“I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12


This week we studied about Native Americans – the different tribes/locations and ways of life. We made our own wigwams and tepees. Each tepee was decorated with a visual story of how our tribes went hunting for buffalo. I showed the kids a photo a real life tepee that my parents lived many years ago. They officially think their grandparents are awesome for living in a tepee. Bonus points for them. They even learned that our family has Native American relatives far back in the lineage. Crazy excited that they are ‘indians’ too. My son’s prayer at the dinner table included, “thank you God for our food. Thank you for our Indian hearts and our Indian blood. We love being Indians.” They proudly exclaimed to several friends of ours that they were indeed Indians. Let’s just say that this week’s lesson really sunk in:)


A great study on the universe, stars, and gravity. Made cute a little Sun/Earth/Moon craft to explain how each rotates and the difference in sizes.


It was also the anniversary of September 11th this week. Wasn’t quite sure how to discuss this with the children but decided to be open about the events and talk about how there is some evil in the world but that there is so much more good. That many people rescued, helped, and served that day. That people sacrificed their own lives for others. That Jesus did that same thing for us – He laid down His life for us. We prayed for the victims’ families and for the country and for the first responders. Then the kids took cookies to the local police and fire department to tell them thank you for serving us and keeping us safe.


My Father’s World Kindergarten – A for APPLE

“If I stay in Jesus, I will have much fruit.”

This was a YUMMY week! We live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where u-pick farms/orchards are in abundance so we took a trip to the local apple orchard. We picked over 12 pounds of honeycrisp apples. We made apple juice, applesauce, apple fruit roll-up, and a gluten/dairy free apple pie cake. And I still have loads of apples left over!



We watched the cartoon of “Johnny Appleseed” more times than I can count. We read so many fantastic books on apples as well. Graphs, sequence, order, handwriting, sound discrimination, labeling… they were busy little workers. So fun to see how much they’ve learned in just the first few weeks of school. My 4 year old and 5 year old are both now reading consonant- vowel-consonant words and working very independently on their worksheets.


Well that wraps up our wonderful week. Though the apple unit is done, apple season is just beginning here so we will be back at the orchards again soon! Fall is here and the weather is cool. Perfect for some apple cider. Yum! share.on.facebook tweet.this 101,109,97,105,108,46,109,101em.liame

MFW: Adventures(week 3) and Kindergarten(L:Leaf)

A week has come and gone since we finished these two units. Now I sit here looking through the photos on my phone and feel like it was months ago! So this week of recap may be brief because my poor kids have sucked the life out of me this week.

The Bible time in our My Father’s World Adventures in U.S. History was so sweet this week. We continued learning about more about the meaning of the name “Jesus.” Walking through the beautiful truth that Jesus, “the Lord saves,” saves us from our sin. Discovering that we all are sinners and are in need of saving. That we are separated from God and need the Savior to bring us back in to a right relationship with God. That the truth of the Gospel is something that we can share to all people so they too can be saved.

We learned about the character of Jesus as a child and how we are called to follow His example. In order to keep our hearts focused on living like Jesus we made bracelets that read “Jesus.” The LOVED this activity and made bracelets for the whole family.

We also made our own stained glass window posters with the name of Jesus center… except I totally messed up by not following instructions. So they turned out more like colorful window posters. FYI, when melting crayon shavings do not combine all the colors or it turns nasty brown.

This week was filled with so many fun stories of Pocahontas, Jamestown, and John Smith. You know your kids really loved it when you can hear the kids reenacting the story of Pocahontas and Captain John Smith outside after school. My daughter put on her moccasin boots as any Indian princess would and saved the Captain from her father’s hand.

All the while our Kindergarten unit was studying the letter L and LEAVES. It’s a perfect time of year to study leaves in the Pacific Northwest as they are exploding with color.


On of my favorite parts of homeschool this year has been seeing the creative side of the kids really come to life. My children spend hours drawing pictures and writing ‘books’ each day. Their weekly assignment to draw four different pictures that start with L was great! My daughter’s drawing is on the left and my son’s is on the right. So neat to see how their own creativity is expressed within the same idea.


I sent the kids outside to gather as many different shapes and varieties of leaves as possible. They came back with three gallon sized ziploc bags FULL. After narrowing down to our favorite leaves we created artwork by rubbing crayons on top of the leaves. We tried to identify and classify all of the leaves… this was harder than I thought!

We learned a ton about photosynthesis, the cycles of plants, and the kids favorite – chlorophyll.

The week was spent with leaves and tree branches covering my kitchen table and countertops as we inspected and discovered. A whole new appreciation of God’s glory through nature was realized.

Carolyn - Looks like an awesome week was had by all!! I love the reading book selections!! Good job kiddos!! Mom too!!

Christy - I love your teaching style! Do you have a curriculum, or do you come up with all the teaching material on your own? This looks like the kind of homeschooling I thought I’d be doing. Instead we end up doing lots and lots of seatwork. I’m trying to find my way.:)

admin - Thank you Christy! I use My Father’s World curriculum and LOVE it! Right now I need someone else to put all the lessons together so I can just open the book and teach. I love the focus of MFW as they teach everything from a Christian world view… very missions oriented. It’s a beautiful program that has blessed our family so much. I am still finding my way but am thankful that this curriculum holds my hands as I go :) Blessings to you!!! share.on.facebook tweet.this 101,109,97,105,108,46,109,101em.liame

MFW: Adventures(week 2) + Kindergarten(M:Moon)

The babies are all asleep now. Coffee is brewing. Candle lit. Time to try and piece together a blog of our homeschool week. I attempted to photograph more of our activities and work but often it is all I can do to actually get the lessons DONE, much less photographed! With a newborn in my arms and a toddler dragging off my ankles and three school aged children who would rather be doing anything but school… let’s just say I need that pot of coffee that is brewing. I’m exhausted.

However, I am totally loving learning along side my little ones. I must have been throwing spit wads or daydreaming out the school window as a child because I don’t remember learning all these fun u.s. history facts. My Father’s World – Adventures in U.S. History has captivated this once bored-by-history heart of mine.

This week our Bible time started off with a focus on the name of Jesus. We learned how the Angel told Joseph in a dream to name the baby “Jesus” because He would save all the people from their sin. “Jesus” is a Greek word that means the Lord saves. Then we read verses from the Old Testament that revealed the coming of Jesus. It was a beautiful journey to see the prophecy that One would come to save the world and then in the New Testament we see that the One is Jesus! He is called Wonderful Adviser, Mighty God, Father who Lives Forever, and Prince who Brings Peace. Love how we were able to build upon our own name (from last week) study to understand the importance of Jesus’ name.

After a really fun week learning about the Vikings we are now on to Christopher Columbus. After reading books on Columbus’ journey from Spain to North America, the children narrated a summary and wrote it in their notebooks. Discovered that Columbus wanted to bring the Gospel of Jesus to other countries and people that were lost.  Following suit, we made our own versions of the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria – each with their own little captain. The three boats set sail in our kiddie pool, with hopes of discovering the New World.

In Science we learned about air and all it’s glorious, invisible properties. We blew air bubbles in water, blew up balloons with the air from our lungs, and discovered different bodily functions in which air escapes (science is their favorite subject now… burps and farts are scientific). We examined how air affects us even though we can’t see it. Tied this all back to God – though not visible, He is always present and powerful. 

My Father’s World Kindergarten Unit 2: Moon
Our theme is “I  am the light of the world.” This tied in to our Sun theme last week that “Jesus is the light of the world.” We learned that the moon has no light in itself, that it simply reflects the light from the sun. We too have no light of ourselves, but reflect the light of Jesus to the world. We walked through the phases of the moon and made books to help remember each phase.

Sound discrimination – learning to identify the beginning sound of the word. The kids are doing so great with spelling by sounding out the words. Amazed at how quickly they are picking it up. We began Kindergarten work last year (they were then ages 4.5 and 3) and it was evident that they were not ready. It was a fight to get anything accomplished. This year is a whole different story. They LOVE and BEG for school. They are reading CVS (consenant-vowel-consenant) words and phonetically sounding out words. What a difference a year makes!!!
As I am learning to juggle five kids I have learned that I need lots of quick fillers. I have a stash of manipulatives and letter games that I can pull out whenever I need a couple minutes with my 2nd grader or with the two little ones. The cuisenaire rods work fine motor and spacial skills and buy me at least ten minutes!

Handwriting and phonics – we added Explode the Code phonics to our Kindergarten program because my two K’ers are ready to start reading. No real schedule with the books as I am simply letting them do as many pages as their little hearts desire each day. I am doing that with their math (added Singapore Math also) and they are already in Unit 10 and it’s only the second week of school. And handwriting… well we need all the practice we can get!!!

And you can’t study about the MOON without having your own adventure to the moon! We read Little Bear Goes to the Moon and then made our very own spaceships and spacehelmets. I pulled out the Dot Painters and the kids were giddy with excitement. They go crazy when I open the art supplies and give them the green light to paint. Polka dot space helmets it was!
Mission Control helped them navigate the spaceships to the moon. Their imaginations ran wild. They did gravity jumps and moon walks on the front lawn. Then they searched for aliens behind the bushes. For HOURS. Really. They had so much fun that they played astronauts for the entire afternoon. You should have seen the looks we got from neighbors and people as they drove by. Children with paper bags on their heads. Jumping in slow motion and doing the moon walk across our lovely green grass. It was priceless.

Print your own spaceship dashboard from here.

We took a day off of school for a trip to Seattle to see our beloved baseball team, the Texas Rangers. This is my kind of field trip! I’ve never been to Seattle so I insisted on going to the Public Market because I wanted to see them throwing the fish. We saw the first Starbucks and some fun street performers and smelled alot of marijuana in the air. But the highlight was definitely seeing the Rangers win big over the Mariners with a 12-4 score. Guess my little Ranger fans were good luck charms!

Next we are on to learning about Jamestown and Pocahontas and L:Leaf. share.on.facebook tweet.this 101,109,97,105,108,46,109,101em.liame