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When we told the children we were going to be returning to China this summer for the adoption of their new sister our son Ezra (adopted from China in June 2015) asked if he could go back to his hometown to see his friends. We were a bit hesitant as he’s come so far in attachment and bonding, fearing that going back could hurt all the progress made. However, as he continued to ask and we continued to pray, we decided that if he needs this then we will do it. Knowing full well it could take us a few steps backwards, the memories would be for a lifetime. Little did we know this trip would be one of closure and healing for him.

When we adopted him last year we were scheduled to make the 3 hour drive to his orphanage and see what his life was like the past 9 years. However, when it came down to it the adoption transition was just too much and he was grieving the loss of his friends deeply. So we never made the trip. It was what was needed at the time but it also left a gaping hole in his heart to show us where he came from.

Today he proudly showed us his school, his bed, his bathing area, his craft room, and learning room. His precious friends surrounded him with hugs and smiles. Our hearts broke for the children who so desperately performed for us, vying for attention. Praying each of them find their forever families soon.

The orphanage staff prepared a delicious family style meal for all of us. The Director shared with us that our son’s personality has always been very withdrawn and quiet, but was always the first one to help the other children that had more severe physical needs. We’ve seen the compassionate heart but he is NOT a quiet boy! He is one of the loudest and funniest kids I know. Love that his personality is coming out now that he is secure!

We also went to visit his finding place where as an infant he was found with a note attached. It was a moment of full redemption… on the ashes of brokenness he now stands as a cherished son. God redeems!

Brooke - So awesome! I’m glad you got to do this! It will probably excel you more than you can know! God bless you all♥️

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