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Oh how my heart can feel the spring that God has crafted in our souls. This past year has brought blessing upon blessing in our lives. So much beauty and rest and peace. I feel deep down in my bones that we have just scratched the surface. When our daughter is finally in our arms and tucked in her bed we know that our daily rhythms will change. Life will look a bit different and we will all shuffle around to find our place. But she has been placed in to our family for such a time as this. We can see God already bringing glory to Himself through her life. So much hope and joy and faithfulness.
Adoption has changed us. It has changed our children. They are learning what it means to give of themselves and sacrifice everything. Hearts that were turned inward are being turned outward. It’s not about more toys. It’s about giving more. My eyes well up with tears as I see how God is fashioning a deep reckoning in their souls for the marginalized. May their fervor be unstoppable. World changers they are.
Thank you Jesus for rocking our world. Challenging us to live beyond our white picket fence. Letting go of the American dream. Move our hearts to what moves Yours.

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