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 Well, we are getting close!! This will be our biggest fundraiser before we travel to bring Esther home. We have had people ask how they can help us and we thought this would be a fun way to celebrate the community it takes to bring home our girl!

We are adopting through Great Wall China Adoption agency and the approximate cost of the adoption is $37,000.  Apparently the high cost is the one thing that holds most families back from pursuing adoption.  However, we are convinced that “He who calls you is faithful; He will surely do it.”  I Thes. 5:24  We know that many want to give generously and be a part of adoption in this way. While we have started a second job, made jewelry to make extra money, and have even sold items in our home – we are FAR from the needed $37,000 to bring our daughter home.

We are inviting you to be a part of Esther’s journey home. She has waited 10 years for her family. 10 years to be a daughter. 10 years to have a forever mother. Would you come along side and financially support what God is doing in her life?


So this is what the {TAG THE BAG} is all about…


Esther has a suitcase (a purple one, since she likes that color) and we will be taking that when we get her. On the way there we will stuff it full of donations for her foster home. On the way home it will be filled with her belongings and sweet memories from her birth country. We hope the bag will be filled with names like this one!

YOU can donate any amount to this fundraiser and we will TAG THE BAG with your name. We will take a Sharpie and literally WRITE on her suitcase your name. Donations can be through our YouCaring site, mailed directly to us, or for a tax deductible option you can give directly to our agency through PureCharity:ForSuchATime.


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