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So life has happened and this blog has been sitting on the back burner. I’ve slapped my wrist and gave myself a talking to… it won’t happen again folks!

The past six months have been FULL of transition for our family. We moved about 2 hours south, hubby is working two full time jobs and one of those is leading a church, attachment with our newest son who came to our family in June, homeschooling five children under the age of 9, starting the adoption process again, and to top it off, ending my photography career and beginning a new small business journey. So I’ve been a little preoccupied… so much to catch up on!

So we have TRIPLETS now. Our oldest biological son turns 10 tomorrow. Our oldest adopted son turned 10 three weeks ago. And our newest soon-to-be adopted daughter turned 10 two months ago. THREE TEN YEAR OLDS. In six years that will be THREE sixteen year olds. Oye.

We are celebrating that our adoption paperwork is on it’s way to China! That is only of God because we had a nightmare of a time with our homestudy agency who refused to update our homestudy until we had been home for 6 months with our son. Somehow God pulled some strings and it was completed a week earlier than expected and so our huge stack of papers is heading to China to begin translation. Prayers for a quick process! All this means we should be traveling the last week of May or first of June to adopt Esther! The kids are over the moon in love with her. They have all been taking weekly Mandarin classes in preparation of going to China. And can I tell you how impressed I am with their ability to pick up the language? It’s like it’s no big deal! I told them I would pay them extra money if they could be our guides and translators for the trip:)


Esther’s foster mother took some photos of when she received her birthday present from us. Look at her smile! She lights up my day! Cannot wait to celebrate her birthday together this year!

And then I think she may have given Daddy a heart attack with this photo…. look how grown up she looks! She already has him wrapped around her finger.

Our oldest daughter is preparing a beautiful room for them both to share. The sweetest thing is though that she refuses to sleep in her room until her sister is here. She sleeps on the couch every single night because the bedroom is not ready until Esther is home.

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