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the power of good

Truly there are no words. I sit and cry tears of gratefulness and thanksgiving as I reflect on all the graciousness poured over us this past year. A year ago today Duo was boarding a plane in Beijing, China to come visit America for a summer hosting program. He was so brave yet the fear of the unknown was visible in his sweet eight year old eyes.

I can’t imagine what it would be like as a young child to leave everything you’ve ever known, ride in a car for the first time, fly in an airplane for the first time, live with a family you don’t know, eat foods that are not familiar, use a toilet that looks very different that yours, and be in a world where you don’t understand a world anyone is saying. Yet he came. That is bravery.

Our world changed on the afternoon of July 2nd, 2014. What we hoped would be a fun summer experience where our family would be able to love and advocate for an orphan we quickly realized God had bigger plans. We knew Duo was meant for our family and we were meant for him. We had HUGE hurdles to pass in order to adopt from China but God moved those mountains and China granted permission for us to adopt him. Last summer I remember telling God, “OK if you truly are in this and will this child to be a part of our family we need you to provide EVERY SINGLE PENNY for this adoption.” I felt God asking me to trust Him and be vulnerable with our need. That this was not about us but it was about what God wanted to do to show His mighty power. So many of our friends and family were invested in Duo’s story and quickly jumped to the front lines and immediately began pouring out their resources and prayers. We worked extra jobs, saved every penny, fundraised like crazy, received three grants, all mounting to EVERY SINGLE PENNY being provided. This story is more than just bringing an orphan home. It’s about the power of community. The beauty of the Christian faith coming together to fight against injustice. It’s about walking arm in arm to show the world that GOOD has won.

Through prayers, encouragement, finances, meals, or babysitting our kids – you all have been our support. Thank you for all you have done for Duo, for us, for our children. What a powerful legacy you have given to a nine year old boy who had hundreds, if not thousands, of people fighting for him.

Words can’t express our gratitude. Forever grateful. We are throwing these treasures right back to the rightful King who gave them to us in the first place. We will love Duo well and point him to Jesus in all things. I know God has BIG plans for his life and I am excited to see how He uses Duo for His good.

Thank you from all of us.

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